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The pool opens on June 16 & closes August 18, 2018

The Hales Corners Pool Hours are daily 12:30-4:30pm & night swim on Monday & Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30pm
The wading/kiddy pool admission is free and open daily from 11:00am-3:00pm. Call 414-529-3622 with any pool questions.


Age 3-11: $3.00
Age 12+: $4.00
Evening Swim: $3.00


Age 3-11: $20.00
Age 12+: $30.00


Recent News & Events


Fall Fun at MKE Parks

Sunday, October 14: Check out all of the exciting happenings that are going on in Milwaukee County Parks during the month of October!

- The Mitchell Park Domes will be hosting a Day of the Dead celebration on October 26th.

- From October 17th to October 20th enjoy the Pumpkin Pavilion at Humboldt Park.

- The Night of the Ghost Train Celebration will be taking place in Shorewood on October 31st.

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New Park Bridge

Sunday, September 16: Above is a picture of the back of Hales Corners Park where the old and rickety bridge was over the creek.

A Hales Corners resident is working with the Milwaukee County Parks Department and the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool to have a new bridge built and installed. The resident is paying for the bridge in full. 

This is another great example of the public - private partnership between the County Parks Department, the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool and the Village of Hales Corners working together now in year 16 to upgrade, improve, and reinvent every part of Hales Corners Park on behalf of Village residents and the surrounding communities. 

When the new bridge is completed, photos will be posted.


Hales Corners Park Sets Ice Rink Trend

Sunday, September 16: Journal Times Staff - September 11, 2018

WATERFORD — Although the snow and ice have not come yet, those hoping to ice skate this winter will have something to forward to in Waterford.

The Waterford Village Board has approved the purchase of a 50- by 90-foot hockey rink and plans to have it built on a vacant lot at the intersection of Main and Milwaukee streets. An additional skating area for figure skating and free skating will be set up adjacent to the hockey rink.

No timeline for when the rinks will be open has been established.

Last year the village Department of Public Works set up a small rink in Whitford Park, which was popular with residents but was not widely utilized.

Village officials, staff and area nonprofits began meeting to share ideas and collaborate on events that will utilize several open, Downtown-area lots that the village now owns.

The village of Waterford is looking at ways to engage the public and create vibrancy in the one of the main shopping areas. Business owners have faced challenges over the past year during the village’s utility infrastructure project.

The project is being done in advance of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s major reconstruction of Highway 20/83, which runs through the heart of the village.

Interview with Don Schwartz

Dan O'Donnell interviewed Don Schwartz, President of the Hales Corners Park & Pool, on July 11, 2017 about the Alyson Dudek International Ice Center and the Jerry and Dorothy Holz family shelter projects coming up in Hales Corners Park


April 25, 2017: Alyson Dudek International Ice Center Project

The non- profit Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool which I co-founded 14 years ago had our projects, the Alyson Dudek International Ice Center and the Jerry and Dorothy Holz family shelter recommended for approval by the Village of Hales Corners consultant. Now the final plans will go the Village Plan Commission on June 19 for final approval. Contractor bids are due on May 19 for the project. 
The Milwaukee County Parks Department approved the project back on April 11 after seven years of back and forth. 
Special thanks to the Milwaukee County Parks Department and Plunkett Raysich Architects (PRA) and their MEP's for all there assistance
to get the Friends to this point. RA is the best of the best in southeastern Wisconsin.
These projects will be a tremendous addition to Hales Corners Park, the Village of Hales Corners and to the surrounding communities.
- DON SCHWARTZ , Co-Founder of Hales Corners Park & Pool.

See the project photos here

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